Snickers Tragnitz
June 07, 2006 - November 19, 2017
Age: 11
Hello And Good Day, Snickers come into our lives during a rocky road. He was part of a large family and seen his brothers and sister leave him each day. After being the last one for three days. My wife and I knew he would be a part of our family. Many pet owners bond with each other. For the past 11 Years Snickers was our Guardian Angel. His ability from sitting on our heads to wake us up, scratching on the door to go out for the bathroom, while my wife was ever on the phone he would bark to let the other person know he was here, snuggle with the both of us during our painful times, we would never forget that we own a king size bed and somehow he would push us off or near the edge of the bed, he had the kindness heart that when anyone would seen him they would smile and touch him, while sleeping he would snoring and put you to sleep, and much much more. Snickers health was changing with his age. This did not change his kindness or eating pizza, baby food, and chicken noodle soup along with doggy bones. My wife and I become his pet. And the things we would do just for him. When we needed our privacy we would put on a movie and give him a bone. When ever my wife had a bad day she would be greeted with a wagging tail with tons of loving. They would have yell out to each other I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU. During his youth days my wife

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